Workshop on Machine Learning and AI using Python at Chitkara University Baddi

Chitkara University, Himachal Pradesh & CSI organized a workshop on Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence using Python from March 12, 2019 to March 16, 2019. To ensure that students get inculcated to the fundamentals of python. Instructors were erudite students, named Aditya Singh, Vishal Bhola & Rohit. A total number of 41 students participated in the workshop. The first two days of the workshop were solely dedicated to students, to make sure they understand the basics of python programming. Basic concepts such as variables, data-types, and literals, conditional statements, loops, list were to name a few. The first two days of the workshop were interactive for students, as they were able to commune with the instructors, clear their doubts and were able to ask questions frequently. The next two days of the workshop were aimed to focus on a few concepts and applications of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence. Students worked on industry-based projects such as Facial Detection, AIML chatbot and Image Classifier. Hoping that students were able to learn and implement un hackneyed concepts taught to them, Computer Society Of India, the student chapter of Chitkara University Baddi, continues to implement on the college’s focus tagline, “Explore Your Potential”.



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