Membership 2.1 Grades The grades of CSI membership are

a. Individuals – Hony. Fellow, Fellow, Chapter Patron, Senior Member, Member, Associate, and Student.

 b. Institutions – Educational Institution / Voluntary Service Organizations, Other Institutions

Fellow  grade  (By AWARD )

The grade of Fellow is one of unusual professional distinction and shall be conferred only on invitation of the ExecCom upon a person of outstanding qualifications and experience in the fields of interest to CSI as specified by the Constitution and who has made important individual contributions to one or more of these fields.

A candidate for the award of Fellow grade shall have been a member of the CSI for a period of five years or more preceding July 1 of the year of election. 2.3.1b Honorary Fellow The grade of Honorary Fellow shall be conferred by the EXECOM upon a distinguished person of international repute. 2.3.2a

Senior Member   grade

The grade of ‘Sr member’ is a professional grade limited to those who have made significant professional contribution in the fields of interest to CSI. Proposals for transfer to this grade shall be made by the membership committee and approved by the ExecCom.

Member     grade

The   Member  grade  of Member is a professional grade limited to those who have demonstrated professional competence in the fields of interest to CSI. For transfer to this grade, a candidate shall be either: a. An Engineer or Post Graduate and be a member of the Society for 3 years or have 5 years recognized standing in the computer field.

The grade of Associate

The grade of Associate is limited to those working in advancing the theory or application of Computer Science, Information Technology or other related disciplines. For admission to this grade the candidate should be Graduate of any discipline

Student   grade

The grade of Student is limited to: a. those who pass 10 + 2 academic program and are enrolled for a degree course either full time or part time at accredited educational institutions and carrying at least thirty percent of a normal full time academic program, in areas of interest to the CSI, or b. those who pass 10 + 2 academic program and are doing diploma courses